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Relationship Therapy : Communication Breakdown

Communication Breakdown

Communication is the key to all the relationships we have, which means it is also the key reason that some of our relationships go “wrong”. Going “wrong” can have many different looks too, ranging from explosive to brooding silence, all the way to drifting apart and losing contact. However “wrong” looks for you, this relationship breakdown causes stress and our assumptions that we make of people can be a core factor.
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Return to Life?

Honestly, right now, people are tired and still a little fearful after all that the world has been through recently (and still going through). Fear mixed with fatigue can make an emotionally explosive cocktail. As we return to our lives after the Covid-19 crisis, relationship dynamics may have changed, and conflict may slip in where it never used to exist.
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Mental Strategies

Lock-Down Happiness

We all knew from the start that it was going to be a long-haul operation to beat this virus, and the process has been compared to running a marathon, not a sprint. A marathon is a good analogy for lock-down and social distancing.
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Coping with Home School Stress – Covid-19 Pandemi

School’s back! Only it’s not. Term 2 has started and school is happening at home. At any given time you are a chef, taxi driver, first aid first responder, fort builder, medical practitioner, child counsellor, and cheer leader to name just a few of the roles that fill day to day life with your kids.
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Lifestyle Coach Jaron Steffens: Lifestyle Change And Making It Stick

Covid – Opportunity for Change

Kiwis are doing an amazing job of completely changing their lifestyle to stay at home and beat Covid-19. What has made this easier to do is that we know that the change is temporary, and we can return to normal(ish) in a few weeks or months. But, what if normal is not something that you want to return to?
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We’ve Already Lost Control

Pretty weird times we are living in right now. If we were all to be honest, with all the changes we’ve made in our lives due to the Covid 19 lock-down, we all have felt like we have lost control of things at some stage in the last couple of weeks.
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Clumsy but Effective Stress Management

For many years I have played hockey. I have not seen myself play the game, so always assumed that I look similar to the others playing on the same field. This assumption changed when I was in the big city…

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