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Helping you make real changes in your life.

We can help you get through your barriers so you are able to change and achieve the life you want in this crazy world.
When life seems to be overwhelming we are your ambulance at the TOP of the cliff.
We will help you discover where your behaviours come from and create real life strategies to enable you to achieve your goals.

Making Healthy Lifestyle Changes

The aim for mind+health is to be a proactive service and allow you to make real changes. Between appointments, you are assigned “homework”, so you are constantly taking steps toward your new lifestyle. This aspect of the mind+health approach is the backbone of this therapy, as you will be continually proving to yourself that you can take the necessary steps to change.

High Achieving Youth - Life Balance

mind+health offer mental skills coaching for high achieving youth (13 to 25 years) and their families to decrease the amount of pressure that can come with unrelenting high standards high achievers expect of themselves.

Flight Confidence

mind+health is working alongside Nelson Aviation College to offer a unique course for those that suffer from flight anxiety.

Flight anxiety is a fear of flying that is so profound that it can prevent a person from travelling by air or cause great distress to a person when air travel is necessary. People who are affected by flight anxiety find flying terrifying and will go to extremes to avoid flying, which can sometimes be life-limiting.

Articles and Thoughts

Articles and thoughts on various health, mind and fitness subjects.

About Me

After working full time in the fitness industry for a number of years, I realised that the true path to health and fitness is in the mind and that each person needs to understand the diet, exercise, and motivation that works best for them as an individual. Following 6 years studying psychology through Massey University and The Open Polytechnic, I formed mind+health, with the aim of helping individuals to discover their barriers to making the changes necessary for living a healthy, happy life and exploring strategies to overcoming these barriers.


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