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Is your brain holding you back?

Mental Skills Coaching – a pro-active approach to getting past your barriers, gaining an edge, dealing with pressures of life, anxiety and more.

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mind+health mental skills coaching is a pro-active, evidence based therapy using a blend of Humanist and Cognitive Behavioural Therapies. mind+health can help you get past your barriers and gain real strategies that are specific to you, so you can reach your goals and gain the life you want.


Mental skills coaching with mind+health helps people to clarify their direction in life, identify the barriers that may be in the way, then explore and find strategies to overcome those barriers.


mind+health offers non-judgemental coaching to support you through times of depression, anxiety or frustration and help you find direction when you feel stuck.


Explore and find the psychological strategies you can employ to gain the edge in physical and mental performance.


The pressures of modern life can be overwhelming for young people. mind+health mental skills coaching allows young people to find direction, balance, calm, and clarity in the midst of dealing with academic / athletic / artistic pressure, stress, anxiety and depression.


Relationships don’t need to be challenging. mind+health relationship coaching can help get you past barriers, to communicate and understand each other better. mind+health relationship coaching can be used for couples, parents and children, siblings, employers and employees.

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mind+health is working alongside Nelson Aviation College to offer a unique course for those that suffer from flight anxiety.

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mind+health Mental Skills Coaching

mind+health Mental Skills Coaching is a pro-active, evidence based service that allows you to make real changes. Between appointments, you are assigned “homework”, so you are constantly taking steps toward your goals. This aspect of the mind+health approach is the backbone of this therapy, as you will be continually proving to yourself that you can take the necessary steps to change.

The mind+health approach blends Humanist and Cognitive Behavioural Therapies to allow you to explore the factors that have led to where you are now, and then explore strategies for moving toward your goals.

A completely non-judgemental, open, friendly approach to helping you find the mental skills and solutions that will work for your specific needs. Your confidentiality is assured and sessions take place in a closed room.


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