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My daughter is a competitive swimmer and trains very hard. However, her training times were faster than her race times. We had a couple of sessions with Jaron and he was able to identify some things both my daughter and I could work on. As a parent I needed to step back and take away the pressure and allow my daughter to enjoy her swimming. There was an immediate result with my daughter gaining a qualification time for NAG’s. My daughter had a couple more one to one sessions with Jaron and now has a total of 5 qualification times for NAG’s. My daughter has been on the podium a few times at regionals. Swimming has become fun again and my daughter has ownership of her performance.

Jaron is very easy to talk to and is very cool, calm and confident. He is a good communicator at all levels. He has made a huge difference not only to my daughters swimming but also her thought process when faced with a challenge.

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