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Mental skills coaching with mind+health helps people to clarify their direction in life, identify the barriers that may be in the way, then explore and find strategies to overcome those barriers.

When thinking about health most people want to lose weight, gain muscle, eat better, drink less, or all the above. Most will know what they need to change and will have tried before but slipped back to old habits after a few weeks.

Mental skills coaching with mind+health is pro-active therapy that will help you to first clarify health and fitness goals that are specific to your needs, then make lasting lifestyle changes by addressing the barriers to change then exploring and finding strategies for overcoming these barriers.

Once the mental barriers have been overcome, the Mental Skills Coach can then help develop a plan for achieving those goals.


mind+health offers non-judgemental coaching to support you through times of depression, anxiety or frustration and help you find direction when you feel stuck.

There are times in life where you feel you simply can’t cope. This may be due to a major stress – grief or loss, or a number of stressors – work, family, health, study, loneliness. Other times low mood, depression, frustration, or anxiety can simply hit out of the blue with no triggering event. It is frustrating to feel stuck with no clarity on how to get unstuck.

Support from a mind+health Mental Skills Coach will help you to gain strategies to allow you to, not only find the light at the end of the tunnel, but work on gaining clarity to take the steps to get there.

mind+health coaching is non-judgemental and supports you to find your way through the tough times to rediscover the joy in your life. mind+health support is also useful for those who wish to change a negative habit or addiction in a caring environment with no judgement.


Explore and find the psychological strategies you can employ to gain the edge in physical and mental performance.

Many high performers are looking for the tweak they can make in training or practice that will allow them to edge ahead of the competition. When physical training is at its peak, the edge can come in the form of psychological strategies.

mind+health coaching will also allow you to prioritise training and life outside of training to ensure balance and avoid burnout. Mental skills coaching also helps you to move on from perceived failures in performance in a supportive, non-judgemental environment.

With mind+health coaching you can explore and find the strategies that can give you the psychological edge you need to perform at your best.


The pressures of modern life can be overwhelming for young people. mind+health mental skills coaching allows young people to find direction, balance, calm, and clarity in the midst of dealing with academic/athletic/artistic pressure, stress, anxiety and depression.

High achievement academically, artistically, and in sport does not have to lead to anxiety and stress.

mind+health offer mental skills coaching for high achieving youth (13 to 25 years) and their families to decrease the amount of pressure that can come with unrelenting high standards they expect of themselves. This is done in an environment that is most suitable for the individual. The young person can choose to work with their Mental Skills Coach by sitting and talking, or through an activity, such as the gym, walking, running, biking, paddle boarding, or another activity that suits.

With mind+health, learn how to:

  • Balance study, training, work, family, and social time and still achieve expected levels of achievement
  • Be okay with achieving to a high standard in one aspect of life, to achieve excellence in another
  • Overcome the need for absolute perfection
  • Cope with disappointment when expectations are not met
  • Plan, prioritise and balance activities in your week to decrease anxiety and stress.


Relationships don’t need to be challenging. mind+health relationship coaching can help get you past barriers, to communicate and understand each other better. mind+health relationship coaching can be used for couples, parents and children, siblings, employers and employees. Relationship coaching allows for open communication in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

We develop relationships with all kinds of people throughout our day to day lives. When communication breaks down in any of our relationships, life becomes stressful.

mind+health relationship coaching is suitable for:

  • Couples
  • Parents and children of any age
  • Siblings
  • Employers and employees

mind+health relationship coaching allows you to:

  • Gain insight into the meaning behind the behaviour of others
  • Understand how your assumptions or thoughts may differ from others
  • Express your feelings in a judgement free environment

Use mind+health relationship coaching when:

  • making a big commitment such as marriage, moving in together, or having a child
  • struggling to overcome an issue in a relationship
  • forming a new relationship to ensure a smooth path ahead

flight confidence

mind+health is working alongside Nelson Aviation College to offer a unique course for those that suffer from flight anxiety.

Flight anxiety is a fear of flying that is so profound that it can prevent a person from travelling by air or cause great distress to a person when air travel is necessary. People who are affected by flight anxiety find flying terrifying and will go to extremes to avoid flying, which can sometimes be life-limiting.

Over our four-week course we will help you to grow your knowledge of flying and develop your confidence in an aircraft, so that you too can enjoy the industry that we are so passionate about.

mind+health Mental Skills Coaching

mind+health Mental Skills Coaching is a pro-active, evidence based service that allows you to make real changes. Between appointments, you are assigned “homework”, so you are constantly taking steps toward your goals. This aspect of the mind+health approach is the backbone of this therapy, as you will be continually proving to yourself that you can take the necessary steps to change.

The mind+health approach blends Humanist and Cognitive Behavioural Therapies to allow you to explore the factors that have led to where you are now, and then explore strategies for moving toward your goals.

A completely non-judgemental, open, friendly approach to helping you find the mental skills and health solutions that will work for your specific needs. Your confidentiality is assured and sessions take place in a closed room.

Cost: $160 for first two sessions then $95 per 1hr session thereafter.

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