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I contacted Jaron for help after a mountain bike mishap that left me with chronic lower back pain that was interfering with every aspect of my daily life. Being a keen runner before my accident I was desperate to get back to running but after nearly three years of trying acupuncture, osteopaths, physio and having a steroid injection with little relief I had resigned myself to the fact that running may no longer be an option for me. That’s when I asked Jaron for his help. It was with Jaron’s knowledge, understanding and motivation I managed to slowly but surely get back into running. Jaron started me right back at the basics with gentle resistant exercises to strengthen my core and stabilising muscles . Then we started 30 second running/ walking intervals. After about nine months of continuous strength training and extending my intervals I was running 10km with NO PAIN! I will forever be grateful for Jaron’s encouragement, enthusiasm and teaching me to believe in myself!

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